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We produce events that make your guests rave about the unique experience and attention to detail. We will suprise you every time.

01. Strategic

We believe in looking at the big picture of our events and focusing on key questions. What is the goal? What do you want guests to feel as they enter or leave? What is your measure of success? Then we create a strategy around those answers to create results.

02. Design

This is where the fun happens we take the concepts from the strategic planning and design a space that wows.

We incorporate graphic design, special build outs and create interactive experiences and coordinate with space design and gifting.


03. Production

The best step is making it happen. We work with the best vendors in the city and work as a team for production, management, A/V, food experience, registration management, talent procurement and a delicious food experience.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Partnering with TAYLORED is a no brainer once you run the numbers. We help you save money and in the cases of client facing events; we help your company make it as well.


Revenue Inrease

Kristin Taylor

Owner, Kristin Taylor is a wine enthusiast, travel lover and adventure seeker born in Portsmouth, Virginia now living in Denver, Colorado. Kristin got her start in the event industry in College as an Networking Intern and quickly turned into her full-time career.

Starting the first few years of business off as strictly a wedding and event planner as Kristin Taylor Events; Kristin and her business have evolved into her true passion: TAYLORED.

TAYLORED has been a new and exciting chapter for the staff and Kristin herself.  TAYLORED  puts a greater emphasis on working with brands and businesses to create a better guest experience.

Combining her years of sponsorship experience with national brands like Diageo, RNDC, IKEA, RedBull, The Charlotte Hornets, and Aston Martin; she has created systems and relationships that strengthens her relationship with brands and attendee expectations.

You can find this brazen Virginia girl in the kitchen cooking, sampling wine with friends out on the town, traveling to the next city or writing it all down. 

the taylored event co. team 

emily merrick

Event Manager

Emily never met a layout she couldn’t adjust or a bottle of Cabernet she couldn’t serve.

Emily serves as our on site event manager and design coordinator.



What We Do Best

Public ticketed events

We understand creating value for your ticketed attendees with inclusions, ancillary revenue, and competitive pricing strategies to sell tickets and retain them for your next event. 

sponsorship activations

We work with you to incorporate your brand and mission statements into activations that create digital and in-person buzz. 

Sponsorship consultations

Knowing where to start can be hard whether you are the brand or the event owner; we will give you a plan to approach your sponsorship needs confidently. 

event consulting

The TAYLORED team helps create an experience around your milestone, product release or goal. We help you create a plan, curate the event idea and give you the tools to make it happen.

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