Influencer Marketing

How to Take your Event from a Moment to a Sales Funnel


Throughout the past 4 years in business, Kristin Taylor events has grown from a wedding business to a full-scale event firm. Meaning we deal with a lot of client who have public, ticketed and sponsored events. We are partially responsible for taking their marketing plan and making it into an event plan that will produce results when executed properly.

The reality is we are not a marketing firm. However, we have learned a few things a long the way. We have one of the biggest influncers in Charlotte, NC as a client which means we understand the influencer market. As we plan event for our clients and introduce influencers to their brand or business; we see how those interactions happen and how they could be better.

The first step to being a successful business that integrates influencers into their business culture – is to understand that space. Understanding how influencers work and why they charge, write and advertise the way they do is important to a successful sales campaign.

We decided to take out some of the research work for you and compile a FREE PDF on Influencer Marketing. Of course, the real conversation happens after you read the PDF and ask questions. Please feel free to comment below and we will respond to each and every one. Click the button below or here to download your free Influencer Marketing PDF.

Influencer Marketing