My Love Moment

When I Realized that I was GOOD at What I Do

There should be books written about it. What we do. There is something special there. Our jobs are to celebrate the big moments in life and to make them unforgettable. Not only do we get to live those moments for ourselves; but we get to help others love their moments.

Kristin Taylor Events started in 2013 in Portsmouth, VA while I was completing The Wedding Planning Institute’s Wedding and Event Planning Certification course. I decided that I needed a change in the next phase of my life. I packed my U-haul, my parents truck and my car (look…I have a lot of shoes, okay). When I moved to Charlotte and only knew four older family members. I wasn’t sure if I was going to stay or go. I was hesitant to put down roots but without realizing it; I became a part of the community. I accepted a job with a well-known Fashion Corporation and put my dream on the back-burner. I thought I was going to get a minute to catch my breath.

As my corporate fashion job was slowing down, my mind would wander to those moments of getting a bride down the aisle, during my time working weddings in VA, or decorating a room for an event. I told myself to breath and decide. Over the following few days, I turned my wedding blog into a wedding website. Just when the scariness of what I was about to do had calmed a bit; I started it up again.

At the beginning, I liked to say that I started the business because it was hard to catch a break in the industry. That was true but it wasn’t the whole story. I had a wish to create something special and unique (I think every business owner does.) I was still out of breath. I had quit my job and was going for it. That’s when it happened. Right when I needed it to.

My first client in Charlotte was scheduled to get married one year in May. I was given her information about two months before her wedding. She was crazy stressed and her planning process had been very difficult and frustrating. I needed to step in and take over the reins. I was terrified.

I did not know to send out questionnaires or surveys or that it was not normal to show up hours before I was scheduled just to be sure everything was right. I just knew what needed to be done and that I would find a way to make it happen. She deserved it. Her kindness and their love deserved the best I could give them. However hard I tried; I was terrified. My palms were sweating, my heart was racing every time I hopped on a phone call or drove to a meeting.

Then I saw it. While working out the details for the rehearsal dinner; the two families had gotten together at the wedding site. The parents were stressed and arguing about what was best. The couple was getting frustrated but then, there was this look. Everyone saw it at once. The couple shared this look of utter peace. The look was just for them. His and Hers. There could have been a war going on beside us but at that moment; they only saw each other. This was the reason that we were all standing here. They were the reason. I say that it’s my love moment; but I think it is one in a series of theirs.

My answer changed for “why did you start your own business”. My new answer: I love to celebrate. When we get to the root of why we are all standing in a room, figuring out seating charts, sponsorship agreements, floral arrangements, etc. we realize the point. We are here to celebrate the moment. Those moments. The ones that take your breath away. The moments that could stop a war. That is the answer.