Wedding Planner Templates for Client Communication




Wedding Planner Templates

Wedding Planner Templates

Wedding Planner Templates for Client Communication


Starting off in the wedding industry was a little different for me. I had noticed a lot of younger photographers or calligraphers start off in the industry and absolutely kill it! Knowing how to plan a wedding was easy for me. I had taken the courses, done internships and apprenticeships but running a business was still a completely different headache. These wedding planner client email templates would have saved me a lot of time.

However, running a business was something I strive to be good at. Following in the footsteps of the photographers; I started to pay attention and realize that there was a lot of free education out there in their field. So I adapted it to myself which is where this idea came from.

Throughout these last four years in business, these emails have served me well. I have learned from different photographers, interactions and feedback. I encourage you to read through each template, copy it on to a word document or you CRM, and edit it to fit your businesses personality and details (ahem, be sure to remove my signature at the bottom).

The following email templates are included:

  • Auto-responder Email when Clients Inquire
  • Client Inquiry Response Email (how I send my general pricing)
  • Follow-Up to a Non-Responsive Client
  • Scheduling a Consultation
  • Follow-up Email After Consultation
  • Sending a Brochure of Options After Consultation
  • Sending a Proposal & Agreement
  • If the Client Choses A Different Planner
  • Welcome to the KTE Family

This eleven-page PDF is the perfect email template bundle to help planners get through the entire client booking process from inquiry to signing the agreement.


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