Hello lovelies!

This weekend I told myself that I would be a hermit, read books, only cook at home, light some candles and relax. That was before I knew there would be a snow and ice showers. Well the snow came and dusted the earth but left treacherous roads behind. This of course means that leaving the house is a dangerous adventure. Naturally, all I want to do now is get out of the house. So instead, we are talking about how to get FREE wedding money.

Since getting out of the house is not an option; I turned to my favorite daytime TV show The Real in effort to get me laughing. Of course it worked but I also stumbled on something VERY interesting. For all my engaged couples out there; this is for you.

Have you heard of the site SwanLuv? I will give the scoop: you can have $10,000 towards your wedding (if you are getting married in the next 2 years) completely FREE. No, this isn’t a scam but there is a catch. You can have the money but if you ever get divorced – there is no time limit this means ever – you have to pay it back with interest. 


This is an interesting concept, right? This company is going to give you money to pay for the best day of your life. Let’s be real here -you should only take the money if you really believe that this person is your soulmate.

According to the site, they use an algorithm to see if you and your partner are good candidates for the site. It sounds as if the algorithm is calculating your likelihood for divorce. I am not sure which side SwanLuv would like you to fall on BUT if you are 100% confident in your relationship; it shouldn’t matter right?

Let me know your thoughts about the SwanLuv concept and if you would be willing to that chance. It launches in 22 days so it is time to get the conversation started. Before you go, check out this clip from The Real to see what the ladies think.

Happy Saturday Snow Day!